Notification in Emergency Situations

Notification in Emergency Situations

Turkey, parallel world, while continuing to struggle with the coronavirus, life normalization steps' began to be taken. Many seafarers are getting ready to sail with the arrival of summer heat. Commercial yachts and wooden ships with primitive structures will be able to sail on June 1, 2020, It is important to be careful about security issues when seafarers are opened. As in the seas of the world, sea accidents occur in our country, especially in the summer months. What should seafarers do in an emergency? "The boat should notify other boats and coastal units when an emergency occurs at sea," said Eren Budaklı, blog manager on the water. It is extremely important to report in emergencies because mistakes made in this regard can cost people's lives in accidents. For this reason, every seafarer must know how to make an emergency notification. Especially people should know how to use smoke candles, flares, and sparklers. The boat must also have the VHF Marin radio. This radio is listened to by all boats and shore stations. It can also be listened to on Channel 16. Along with the radio, it can also be kept on a portable phone. If your boat is constantly away from the shore, you will also need to have an Emergency Location Reporting Device on your boat. You should constantly listen to Channel 16 and follow the emergency calls from there. In such cases, it is your most important duty as a sailor so that you can hear the emergency calls coming and intervene immediately. When you receive any MAYDAY calls while listening to the channel, you should remain silent and listen carefully to the information provided by the boat. In the meantime, if there is no intervention from the authorized units, you should act for the boat and try to reach the authorized units in the meantime.

If you are the endangered boat, call MAYDAY on the 16th Channel in the same way. In this process, dress the life vest and start waiting for all crew members.

The steps you will follow in the call for help are as follows;

  • First, call MAYDAY 3 times on Channel 16.
  • Then report the name of your boat by adding the word “This Place” three times in the same way.
  • Say MAYDAY once again and report the name of your boat again.
  • You must then report your position.
  • Report what the problem is.
  • Report the topic you want help with.
  • If you have someone injured on your boat, report this and the number of staff in general.
  • Provide information on how long the boat can last.

Writing down these instructions and keeping them next to the radio will prevent you from panicking in an emergency. When you want to report in emergency situations, looking here will reduce your risk of making mistakes. Also, you should never forget to listen to channel 16 continuously.