New York

New York

The city is the most populous city in the United States. In addition to this feature, it is also the center of the New York metropolitan area, one of the most populated metropolitan areas in the world. Even though it is not known much, New York is a city that stands out with its shipping ports. It is sometimes confused with the state as part of New York State. For this reason, the city is referred to as New York City. The city has global city characteristics. It is central to many sectors such as fashion, art, culture, media, commerce, finance, research, technology, entertainment, and education. The city is called an immigrant city. The number of languages ​​spoken in the city is quite high. The number of languages ​​spoken in the city is estimated to be 170.

It was determined that one out of every three people living in the city was born in a country outside the United States. English is spoken in many different accents in this city. Apart from English, Spanish is also spoken extensively. Chinese is used extensively in Chinatown and Italian is used in the Little Italy district. The city has hosted many of the American cultural movements. He pioneered important movements such as the Harlem Renaissance in the fields of literature and visual arts, New York School in painting and punk, hip hop and salsa in music.

New York Ship Ports 

New York Harbor is also very important for the city. The port is located on the banks of the Hudson River. It is one of the largest natural ports in the world. This port is part of New York with New Jersey Harbor. There are 4 container terminals in the port. 

Terminals are rented to different port operators. Some of the operators that make the rentals are: 

  • A.P. Moller Maersk Group, 
  • American Stevedoring, 
  • NYCT, 
  • Global Marine Terminal. 

The four different container terminals located in the port are also named as follows: 

  • Howland Hook Marine Terminal, 
  • Port Jersey Marine Terminal, 
  • Port Newark Elizabeth Marine Terminal, 
  • Red Hook Marine Terminal. 

It can be seen from the data obtained that the port has made significant contributions to the economy. Even looking at the data in 2010, approximately 171 thousand people were provided with direct work due to port activities. Due to the activities in 2010, 11 billion dollars of personal income was obtained, while 37 billion dollars of commercial income was obtained. Of these revenues, a $ 5 billion public income; tax, etc. revenues were transferred to the budget. New York Harbor makes many contributions to the city and state. It is an important New York ship port for the country due to its location and advantages.