Navy Model: Nothing Impossible!

Navy Model: Nothing Impossible!

The history of ship modeling started in the 4th century BC; Some examples of ship models belonging to the Egyptian and Babylonian periods were found. Modelers, who have been dealing with ship modeling in the world and Turkish history for many years, have been found on the internet in recent years, allowing us to discover the models made.

Many people who were engaged in ship modeling in 1977 met and continued their activities under various associations in Turkey. We interviewed the leading names of ship modeling in Turkey.

While contributing to the city economy by making models of famous ships of Turkey and the world, important names of ship modeling also contributed to this hobby turning into a profession.

Some ship models made by reducing the size of historical ships in proportion to their real sizes are: Sultanate Boats ship model, Alemdar Ferry ship model, Fenerbahçe Ferry ship model, Abdülhamid's first Turkish Submarine ship model, Guppy Class Submarine ship model, Nusret Mine Ship ship model, Perry Class ship model, Preveze-Gür Class Submarine ship model, Savarona ship model, TCG Anadolu ship model, TCG Alemdar ship model and New Type Air-Independent Turkish Submarine ship model.

Masters who have been doing ship modeling for many years have marketed the ships built within the scope of the National Ship Project, important ships in Turkish history and ships from the Karamürsel Alp period in recent years.

Masters who have been working in this profession for many years have some advice for those who are new to modeling. These recommendations are: Those who want to step into ship modeling should take a course, show interest (skill is not required), be patient and careful. He also says that modeling is not expensive, and basic materials that will be used for many years can be purchased at affordable prices. He states that the cost here is time and that manual labor makes modeling cheaper in .

The aim of most masters who have devoted themselves to this work; To teach at universities in Turkey and to establish a ship modeling workshop on campus. Masters who aim to popularize ship modeling to new generations, explain the secret of being successful in their job as follows: Knowing maritime well, having a positive effect of experience on each new ship model, setting the right targets and establishing the right communication network depend on it.

There is also the export of qualified products in this sector. Expatriate and foreign tourists from many countries buy ship models as gifts or souvenirs, and especially countries such as the USA, Korea, Japan, England, South Africa and Pakistan value these art products made in our country.

In 1977, many people who were engaged in ship modeling met in Turkey under various associations and continue their activities.