Naming and Changing of Boats

Naming and Changing of Boats

Under normal circumstances, changing the names of boats is not acceptable. The reason for this is an old maritime belief. Therefore, some applications should be made during the process of naming and changing boats. 

According to belief; Boat names were recorded by Neptune or Poseidon, as well as the depth book. Therefore, to change this name, some rituals must be performed. If we talk a little bit about these rituals. Deleting Old Name 

• First of all, all letters and signs on the boat should be deleted. However, you should also wait for a few weeks. 

• The old name is written with an ink that can appear on a plaque. 

• Invite friends and friends to this ceremony. 

• Requests and wishes from the depth kingdom. You will also be asked for appropriate cruises and tolerances. 

• The plaque on which the old name is written is thrown from the head towards the sea. 

• Open the prepared beverage and pour half of it from east to west. The rest is drunk with friends.


• Another fine beverage is taken and half of it is poured into the sea from east to west and the owner and his wife drink a glass of boat. 

• Then the wind and the sea relax calmly. Other than that, there are different rituals, but they can be practiced according to people's preferences. There are some important situations that boat owners should pay attention to when naming the boat. Talking about what's going on. 


• First, the name should not be too long. 

• The name should also be easy to understand and attract attention in the radio call. 

• It should be a name that is easy to understand, confused and not suffocated. 

• There must be names that do not need to be phonetically coded. 

• The length should be visible from the stern of the boat. 

• Easy to understand fonts should be preferred. 

• Names that comply with ethical and moral rules should be preferred. Overly arrogant and exaggerated words should not be preferred. 

• Names of relatives should not be included even if they may change over time. 

Naming and changing of boats are generally carried out by the process steps mentioned above.