Murat Reis

Murat Reis

The exact date of birth of Murat Reis is not known. Information about him is obtained from Piri Reis' book Kitab-ı Bahriye and Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha's Memories. Murat Reis is a sailor of Albanian origin. It was recognized as a result of the successes it achieved with the campaigns it made to the Canary Islands in 1585.

It gained its fame in the 16th century and later. He served in the Grand Admiral of Algeria. During the reign of Suleiman, the Magnificent entered the Ottoman navy. Muhiddin Piri Reis, who worked for Murat Reis, had significant successes with Murat Reis in many wars. The famous naval battle of Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha, led by Andrea Doria with the crusade in 1538 in the Preveza Sea Battle, Turgut Reis was commanded by Murat Reis. Preveza gained his reputation as a result of his success in the Naval War. After this war, Turgut Reis did not leave his side and participated in many wars with Turgut Reis.

As a result of his success, he was appointed as the Katif Sancakbey of Necit in the Arabian Peninsula. In the years when the Ottoman Empire started the Indian Naval Campaigns, a navy was sent by Suleiman the Magnificent under the command of Hadim Suleyman Pasha. At this time, the Ottomans attacked the Portuguese who oppressed and persecuted the Indian Muslims. With this attack, Indian Muslims were rescued.

Immediately after Hadim Suleyman Pasha, Piri Reis was appointed captain of the Indian Navy. It was in this period that Murat Reis, who was in Katif, was appointed as the Governor of Katye. Piri Reis was executed by the decree of Suleiman the Magnificent as a result of the withdrawal of Piri Reis against the Portuguese Navy and leaving a certain part of the Navy in Basra in 1552. Thereupon, Piri Reis was appointed as the Egyptian captain in 1552 and Murat Reis was appointed. The Indian captain, Murat Reis, repaired the ships left in Basra by Piri Reis. He repaired 26 pieces of ships with great devotion to reach the Red Sea. 8 ships were left in Basra and 18 pieces were set off from Shattularap. 

After crossing the Persian Gulf, the Navy from the Strait of Hormuz to Aden, while traveling along the coast of Oman, encountered the Portuguese navy consisting of 25 ships. As a result of the war, there was no definite victory for both sides. Some of the Portuguese and Ottoman ships went to the bottom of the sea and the Portuguese navy was drawn to India. Murat Reis, who found it unnecessary to follow the Portuguese navy withdrew to India, returned to Basra. 

This move was considered a failure by the Ottoman Empire and Murat Reis was dismissed from the Indian captain. In 1554, Seydi Ali Reis was appointed as the Indian captain. Murat Reis, Mora Sancakbeyi during the reign of Sultan 1.Ahmet performed. In 1609, he fought with the Maltese in the sea battle called “Black Hell Cen. The Ottomans won this war, but Murat Reis, who was seriously wounded in the war, was martyred at the age of 103. The tomb of Murat Reis is located on the island of Rhodes.