Mezamorta Hüseyin Pasha

Mezamorta Hüseyin Pasha

Mezamorta means half dead. Hüseyin Pasha, who was one of the Ottoman captains in the last half of the seventeenth century, was famous for his success in naval communications. When he was young, he participated in one of the wars with Venice. In this war, Hüseyin Pasha was heavily wounded. This wound was thought to have died on it. However, upon his recovery, he became known with the nickname Mezamorta Hüseyin Pasha.

Mezamorta Hüseyin Pasha started his maritime career as a junior at a young age. Hüseyin Pasha, who was very brave, had tough battles with the Spanish, Italian, and Venetians in the Mediterranean. As a result of these wars, his reputation gradually increased. He was one of the important figures of Algeria and managed to become Uncle of Algeria.

In 1683, the French navy besieged Algeria. During the siege, Hüseyin Pasha achieved great success and neutralized the enemy navy. Immediately after this incident, Sultan Fourth Mehmet Han sent an edict. In this edict, it was written that Mezamorta Hüseyin Pasha was appointed to the Algerian Beylerbey.

In 1686, there was confusion in Tunisia. Hüseyin Pasha was appointed to eliminate this confusion. Hüseyin Pasha sent a force directed by İbrahim Hodja. He ended the confusion in Tunisia. In 1688, a French fleet started artillery shooting on Algeria. Hüseyin Pasha started to shoot the ships in the ports of France by directing the force at his command. The French government, which could not handle this situation, applied to the Ottoman ruler. They asked for peace from Second Suleyman Khan, the sultan of the time.

After these events, Süleyman the Second brought himself to the Captain of the Danube because of the achievements of Mezamorta Hüseyin Pasha. Later, Hüseyin Pasha saved Vidin by supporting the Ottoman army overland. He became Captain of the Black Sea Navy.

After the Venetian state invaded Chios, on February 9, 1695, a great success was achieved and the island of Chios was taken. After this incident, Mezamorta Hüseyin Pasha was appointed as the captain by the Sultan of the Second, Sultan Second Mustafa Han.

Mezamorta Hüseyin Pasha, who served as the Captain for six years, died in 1701. With his courage and courage in the face of the enemy, he has written his history over. He has always managed to be open-minded. He became an example to many people with the measures he took in the battles he entered.