The city is located in the southeast of France. When the exact location of the city is explained: It can be said that it is located in the center of Bouches du Rhone province and Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur region. This is the second most populous city in France. The city has the largest land area in Europe. Marseille ship harbors are also an important structure for the city. The city's name is BC by seafarers. It was built in the 6th century. It has the feature of being the first port in France and the Mediterranean and the fourth port in Europe. Marseille is located in the middle of the Calanques Mountain mass. It looks like a city stretching along the Mediterranean coastline for 70 km.

The sunlight of the city attracts attention to impressively. This natural light, which comes through the Mistral mane and belongs to Provence, has inspired many well-known painters. Marseille has the largest commercial port of the Mediterranean. It is possible to reach this area by bus, which is 30 kilometers away from the city center. These buses take their passengers to Saint Charles Station every 20 minutes. From here, it is possible to reach the desired place by taxi and metro. The city of Marseille is famous for its lavender fields. It is also noteworthy that the old and new life together. The city attracts a lot of tourist interest and is, therefore, a place worth seeing.

Marseille Ship Port

The port is located at the end of Canebiere. It has a historical texture. It has been used as a port since the earliest times. In 2013, it continued to be used as a pedestrian place. The size of the port is approximately 200 thousand square meters. As a result of the important investments made in 2013, the visuality of the port has further improved. After this date, it has also become an important place that people can visit. Landscape works in the harbor have been welcomed by tourists and local people with great joy.

The importance of the port due to its location offers economic contributions to the city. While economic income is obtained as the port frequently used by ships, the contribution of those who come to the city for touristic purposes is also not denied. Marseille ship harbors have reached their present status as a result of their historical structure and the restorations they saw afterward. It affects the people who see it in its final form and hosts thousands of tourists every year.