Marmara Seafarers Association

Marmara Seafarers Association

The association was founded in 1996 by the graduates of Ordu Maritime Vocational High School. It has served the sector for a long time in this sector. Marmara Seafarers Association has taken care to expand its scope by adapting to the developing world order. These attentive behaviors also yielded results. Thus, they gained their names used today. Ordu Maritime Vocational High School graduates continue their membership as honorary members. Marmara Seafarers Association continues to serve together with its sea-loving friends who work in this field and devote their hearts to the sector, without seeking any school or regional conditions.

Turkey Marmara Sailors Association and the Shipping Federation

I.Ü. Sea Transportation and Management Engineers Alumni Association, whose short name is an association with IU DUİMD Marmara Marines in the same period domestic demand Shipping Federation and Turkey has applied to join. After evaluating the applications made by the associations, it was approved at the TÜRDEF Board of Directors meeting numbered 08/2017 held on 27 April 2017. Board members accepted this request unanimously by their members. Thus, the approval of both associations in Turkey's membership in the Maritime Federation was held. The association does not hesitate to cooperate with other associations, institutions, and organizations when it deems necessary. It is ready to give all the support necessary to contribute to the maritime profession.

Objectives of the Association

The association continues to carry out various activities since its establishment. All his activities aim to make people love seafaring. He wants to tell every person that the maritime profession is valuable. It aims to raise people who love the maritime profession by collaborating with its members and the institutions it is a member of. It carries out activities where it can find financial support in line with these goals. As a result of all these activities, the number of people who love the sea is increasing. Sea tourism and maritime trade continue very effectively in our country, which is covered by the sea on three sides. It is aimed to increase the number of our vessels both in our national waters and in international seas. Also, it trains sailors who are experts in their fields so that the Turkish flag can fly proudly in international waters. In line with this goal, it provides maritime training, especially to young individuals. Marmara Seafarers Association continues to work hard to fulfill all these goals. It continues to accept new members.