Maritime and Shipyard Members Association

Maritime and Shipyard Members Association

Maritime and Shipyard Members Association, whose short name is DENİZ-DER, is headquartered in Istanbul. This association is in a place to open different representation offices at home and abroad. The association was established in 2012 to increase and develop the social, cultural, and economic activities of the people involved in the Turkish Maritime sector and to make sure the solidarity between them.

Objectives of the Association

The association has had various aims since its establishment. It carries out its activities in line with these purposes. Their aims can be listed as follows:

  • To make researches for the activation and development of the activities by the association,
  • Organizing educational activities such as courses, seminars, conferences, and panels,
  • To give all kinds of information, documents, documents and publications necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose, - To publish publications such as books, newspapers, and magazines announce the activities of the Association,
  • To engage in fundraising activities, to accept donations from Turkey and abroad and to give the necessary permissions to do these activities,
  • Establishing economic, commercial and industrial enterprises to offer the revenues it needs to fulfill these goals and to make sure the operation of the established enterprises,
  • Among the aims of the Maritime and Shipyard Members Association is to set up social and cultural facilities as well as to open a club so that its members can benefit and enjoy their free time.

The members of the association encourage those who work in the maritime profession to give the necessary help and solidarity to those who need them financially and morally.

Vision and Mission of Maritime and Shipyard Members Association

The association, whose establishment date is 15.05.2012, wants to undertake important works. When looking at the mission of DENİZ - DER, the activities carried out to gather all the colleagues who devote their hearts to the maritime profession stand out. It is committed to gathering all maritime members around the association and to ensure their unity and solidarity. It is also the mission of the Maritime and Shipyard Members Association to strengthen the solidarity among the members of the association. The vision of the association is to convene every year on the traditional association days. They consider it as their main vision to come together in these meetings, to remember the past days, to commemorate the lost members of the association, to transfer their knowledge in sectoral matters, and to contribute to maritime-related training.