Marina and Mooring Rules

Marina and Mooring Rules

As the world passes following the Coronavirus, it is useful for many people living in their marinas to remember the marinas and mooring rules that must be followed in marinas. It is for us to know that these rules are important in safety, health, and environmental protection.

Ship and boat owners are anchored in the marinas. If we give information that yacht owners should comply with.

It is necessary to stroll in front of the poles while crossing between two yachts standing on board. The reason for this is not to disturb anyone sitting in the cockpit or saloon on the stern of the ship. Besides, even when you invite someone to your yacht, permission is required before you go to bed.

As it is known, going to yachts with shoes is not true. Even if your shoe has six tires, you should remove it. You should not insist on the yacht owner in this regard, even if he offers, you should only wipe the bottom of the shoe and enter it with your shoe.

The bows of the places used to moor yachts in the port should be tied in the same direction. It is also necessary to make sure that the last boat moored is anchored in such a way that it does not prevent the previous yachts from sailing. According to this subject, the right thing to do is to go to the marina office and learn the general rules on this subject after you tie the boat.

Boats should not come and go to the marina after midnight and unless they are obliged very early in the morning. If he has to leave early in the morning, he must notify the boats and avoid making noise as much as possible.

This process is necessary only in open seas when your boat is moored in the marina, never working on the bilge.

As a courtesy, it requires assistance to boats that are about to approach you in the marina, ask if there is anything needed, and it is a common practice to pick up the ropes.

It should be kept in the marina clean, avoiding behavior and extremely gentle.

Another important issue between the marina and mooring adapters that yacht owners must comply with is not fishing. This situation may cause accidents.