Lindblad Expeditions - National Geographic

Lindblad Expeditions - National Geographic

The company emerged as the foundation of the Special Expeditions company in 1979. Sven Lindblad laid the foundation of Lindblad Expeditions - National Geographic in 1979. In its early years, the company operated on the line of Costa Rica, Baja California, and Alaska. On this line, it provided opportunities for its passengers to explore, offer cruise service with small ships, and access to islands, caves, and open areas at sea. The name of the company has moved away from the name Special Expeditions over time and took the name Lindblad. The company currently has offices in both New York and Seattle. There are 10 ships in the company's fleet. The company owns 6 of these 10 ships. All 4 ships are used by the company for rent.

Lindblad Expeditions - National Geographic Company Service Areas

There are many regions where the company operates. The regions where the company provides services are as follows:

  • Alaska
  • Amazon
  • Antarctica,
  • Baltics,
  • California Region,
  • Canada,
  • Peru,
  • Patagonia,
  • The Netherlands, France and the UK,
  • Many other locations.

National Geographic Endurance, which is one of the ships owned by the company, has a capacity of 126 people. The ship has 69 cabins. The single cabins of the ship have an area of ​​140 square feet. The ship has 7 suite cabins. The space of these suite cabins is quite wide. The suite cabin area has a total area of ​​430 square feet. Among the cabins, some have a balcony. Lindblad Expeditions - National Geographic company makes a difference with its ships.