Life by the Sea: Interview with Operator Doctor Cengizhan Keser

Life by the Sea: Interview with Operator Doctor Cengizhan Keser

Cengizhan Keser, General Surgery Specialist Operator at Egemed Hospitals, is our guest in this week's interview. He has been working as a doctor since 1986 and has been living in Kuşadası for 8 years. We talked about the social and health status of the people living by the sea; he explained to us the physical, sociological and psychological advantages of the inhabitants of the seaside. He stated that the people living at the seaside have more opportunities to do sports, socializing opportunities are more and these opportunities are great factors in reducing stress.

The variety of nutrition is easier to reach as well as a different food. Easy access to fresh consumption of seafood has a positive impact on people's health. People consume omega in fish, especially A, B, D and E group vitamins are more comfortable to provide. Other benefits of eating seafood also protects the immune system, is beneficial for the development of intelligence, protects heart health, protects bones, repairs cells, protects from depression, reduces the risk of diabetes, reduces Alzheimer's risk, improves joint pain, refreshes and beautifies the skin and improves the perception and attention of their children. increases the ability.

The sea is a source of tranquility. Oxygen at sea is more than a continental climate. Winds blowing from the sea have the effect of air conditioning. It softens the cold air in winter and cools down in summer. Life is easier in terms of climate. People with allergy disease make the sea air allergy sufferers more comfortable because the sea swallows dust.

Living by the sea reduces stress. Marine has a mental health improvement effect because the blue color reduces the level of psychological stress. Also, psychiatric patients have a positive impact on psychological treatment by fishing, surfing, sailing, swimming and walking. Besides, these spores and physical activities have a meditation effect. Socializing by the sea is easier. Culture and art in coastal cities are more developed than in terrestrial places. Therefore, in coastal cities, festivals, concerts, fairs, markets are more involved in life.

The visions of those who live by the sea are wide. Considering that the sweet dreams of the people living in the terrestrial areas are to wander and have fun at a certain time on the seashore, those who live by the sea always have these opportunities. The advantage of living with nature increases the quality of social life. Also, there are more options for festivals, concerts, nightlife. Many seaside cities with ports, tourists come more. Thanks to the tourists, the horizons of the inhabitants expand, learn new information and develop friendships.

Of course, all of these positive factors have positive effects on trade. Sea coasts have more alternatives as transportation. With the development of maritime, land and airways also develop in parallel. Therefore, it is also richer in trade. Culture and art in coastal cities are more developed than in terrestrial places.

As the Su Ustunde team, we would like to thank Mr. Keser for this remark.