Let’s Protect Our Seas

Let’s Protect Our Seas

When we went to Marmaris to take pictures as a team of Su Ustunde, we took a shot that upset our day. While preparing to shoot, three young men were trying to catch us. As we focused our attention on shooting, we were startled by the voice of a lady. Marmaris is no longer fish, fish from the sea instead of the fish, you can come to say everything that does not belong to the sea. We saw three young people fishing rod "sea umbrella" is attached. On the one hand, while trying to save the fishing line, one of the tradesmen brought a piece of iron. With this piece of umbrellas slowly pulled from the sea, young people saved their fishing rod. Then a more painful painting appeared. The umbrella thrown into the sea was healthy. Unfortunately, we wanted to record this event and share it with our readers.

Now, let us ask the real question: How do we protect our seas as citizens? Now, let's focus on that. Let's approach the items from two different angles. What should we do as citizens and seafarers?

As a citizen:

1- Let us not throw garbage to our seas, gently warn the throwers.

2- If we have the opportunity to take a shower before going to sea and if we need to go to the toilet.

3- If we have accessories that can fall into the sea above us, we should keep them in a safe place.

4- When we go to the beach, be sure to have a trash bag with us. After we put all the garbage in the bag, let's throw it in the nearest trash.

5- Let us advise our young people and our children to keep the seas and beaches clean like our home.

6- We should definitely participate in beach and sea cleaning social activities.

7- We can put the weight of the materials that can fly to the sea.

8- When we enter the sea, let's not disturb the sea creatures. If we see a marine creature that needs our help, let's not intervene. Let's go ashore and ask the authorities for help.

As a seafarer who uses a sea vessel or spends time on the sea vessel:

1- Let's not throw waste into the sea. Let's send the boat wastes to the solid waste facilities belonging to private or public enterprises on the coast.

2- Let's manage our boat in accordance with environmental regulations.

3- Take precautions when refueling or changing engine oil.

4- Let us classify our waste water in reception facilities.

5- Let us respect sea creatures and not disturb them.

6- Let's classify our wastes and send them for recycling according to these classes.

7- Let those who pollute the sea or do not obey the sea rules to the Coast Guard.

8- If we are fishing, please let the fish go back to the sea. Let's do fishing according to marine legislation.

9- Let us raise awareness on marine waste issues.

As a result, the seas are inherited from our grandfathers to pass on to future generations. If we want to enjoy the sea, let's keep our seas clean.