Kuşadası Pandora Boat and Aytekin Aktaş, Experienced Captain of the Years

Kuşadası Pandora Boat and Aytekin Aktaş, Experienced Captain of the Years

Yes, our guest this week is the Captain of the Pandora boat Aytekin Aktaş. Without further ado, we leave the word to the Captain to introduce him directly and tell him what he has done with his boat.

My childhood interest in the sea brought me to these days. I love yachting and fishing. After moving to Kuşadası in 2000, I got my driving license. Kuşadası fishing shelter was my indispensable. I met everyone involved in fishing and worked with some of them, but we became very good friends with the famous bearded Sami Kaptan, who was the turning point for me in this profession, and I had the chance to learn a lot from him about this profession. Sami, the captain's death, especially his family, me and his friends were very upset that God rest his place in heaven.

In 2017, I had the chance to buy the Pandora Trip and Boat at Kuşadası Setur Marina which I had dreamed of and liked, and I am still the captain and the manager of two trainees from Kuşadası Maritime Anatolia and Vocational High School.

Our boat is 14.95 in length and 4.60 in width and is in very good condition in terms of both engine and navigation aids. For our own safety and for the safety of our customers, we carry out their constant care without interruption.

Activity areas of our boat are quite high.

We continue this activity with the amateur tourism fish hunting certificate we have received from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture in summer and winter, together with social and sporting activities (marriage proposal-Age-promise-cutting-marriage).

Although the Gulf of Kuşadası shows continuous northeaster wind in the afternoon in terms of weather conditions, western blowing affects both fishing and yacht tourism. In the winter, it is affected by harsh northeaster winds and Western winds.

My advice to young people who want to do this profession is absolutely at least one foreign language professional qualification documents, motor electrical knowledge and marine experience as much as possible. In order to become a yacht captain, the following conditions are necessary:

Requirements for Yacht Master (499 GT) to Become a Yacht Master;

From those who apply to become Yacht Class seafarers on private and commercial yachts of 499 GT and smaller, no further than 200 miles from the nearest land;

1) Having completed the age of twenty-one,

2) After having served at least three years of maritime service with the qualification of deck class seafarers responsible for the watch, Contents and duration

- appropriate training of the A-II / 3 or A-II / 1 curricula provided for by the contract, an approved training institution approved by the Administration, followed by the contraction approved maritime Anatolian technical high schools, after graduating from the maritime Anatolian university high school yacht captain's length. As a Yacht Captain (499 GT) trainee for longer commercial yachts approved a total of six months of marine training

- Content and duration of the Training-Exam Directive ... “Yacht Captain (499 GT) After completing the training in the approved educational institutions of the Administration, commercial yachts longer than fifteen meters in accordance with the Yacht Captain (499 GT) trainee and ilkay seafarer's book successfully list,

fulfill one of the requirements,

3) “GMDSS Restricted radio operator” or “Short Distance Radio Operator” certificate,

4) Yacht captain training process or working exclusively in Article 19 of this Regulation görmek To have Maritime Safety Trainings and to have certificates,

5) Medical care certificate and radar observation and plotting certificate,

6) To pass the “Yacht Captain 4 (499 GT) exam,

qualify for the “Yacht Captain (499 GT)” qualification,

To graduate from the 2-year Yacht Master and Management Department of Universities

I would like to thank Su Ustunde’s the team for spending time with me,