The company is located in Vendee in Les Herbiers as a French yacht manufacturer. The firm was founded by Henri Jeanneau. The yacht manufacturer company has been operating yachts since 1957. The company has managed to produce very different yacht models since its establishment. Production made singularly in the first years has become serial in time. The yacht produced by the company has many features. Also, yachts produced by the company are used by different segments. The yachts produced by the company are based on quality workmanship and materials. For those who know the production quality of the company, the productions of the company are preferred in every period. Since Henri started this business, he first produced the power boats. It specializes in single sailboats among the yachts it produces.

Jeanneau Firm Sailing Expert 

The company productions of double skid sails are of high quality. The company became part of the Beneteau Group in 1995. The company has 4 individual boats. These boats are: 

  • Fantasia = joined the team in 1981, 
  • Fun 23 = included in the fleet in 1982, 
  • Microsail = joined the fleet in 1980, 
  • Tonic 23 = joined the team in 1985. 

Model changes have occurred on yachts from time to time. Between 1980 and 1985, it was changed from Espace 620 model to the 1300 model. There have been changes in 6 models. The Sun Fast model changed between 1984 and 2019 and 20 models changed. The company Jeanneau has gained worldwide fame with its yachts.