IU Maritime Transportation Business Engineers Alumni Association

IU Maritime Transportation Business Engineers Alumni Association

The association was established on 10 August 2012. IU Maritime Transportation Management Engineers Alumni Association was established to gather Istanbul University Maritime Transport Management Engineers under one roof. This association is an alumni association. He wants to strengthen the unity and solidarity among faculty graduates. It can also be said that it was established to hold the graduates of the maritime sector together. 

IU Maritime Transportation Business Engineers Alumni Association Activities 

Founded on 06 August 2012, IU Department of Maritime Transportation Management Engineering Alumni Association, with its short name DUIMDER, attaches importance to the activities of celebrating the 24th of November Teachers' Day. The association celebrated Teachers' Day of all its old and new teachers who contributed to maritime education. DUIMDER wishes to make the department feel special to the valuable teachers who played a major role in raising young and dynamic generations in the sector, which was established in 1991 with the teachers' day event. It aims to bring together thousands of graduates and students who continue their profession in the field of maritime. Marine Transportation Management Engineering, which started its education life around Istanbul University Faculty of Engineering and has over a thousand seafarer graduates, is the main factor in the establishment of the association. This faculty brings in the maritime sector young, dynamic, and high-management graduates. By fulfilling IMO requirements again in 2011, he started to take students to the Ship Management Engineering Department after a long time. DUIMDER has existed to ensure the social and cultural unity of faculty graduates in the maritime sector. It started its activities by taking firm steps after its establishment.

Objectives of the Association

The association aims to improve the relations between the department and the students after the graduation of the students of the Department of Marine Transportation Management Engineering of Istanbul University. Also, the association makes an effort to solve the professional questions of the graduates of the faculty. In addition to ensuring scientific, sectoral, and social solidarity between members and between members and students, it is also among the aims of the IU Maritime Transportation Business Engineers Alumni Association to develop in terms of profession and to increase the life level of the members. It conducts researches to activate and develop activities in line with these purposes. The association has undertaken to organize training activities such as various courses, seminars, conferences, and panels.