ITU Maritime Faculty Alumni Association

ITU Maritime Faculty Alumni Association

The first known maritime training in our country was given in 1848. Mehmet Çelebi, who has worked at sea for many years, started his education by opening a school to give information to Turkish and Greek youth about the sea. This school was instrumental in the first steps of the establishment of the ITU Maritime Faculty Alumni Association. 

Opening of ITU Maritime Faculty 

Under the law numbered 3477 that entered into force on October 6, 1988, taking its place in Istanbul Technical University at the beginning of 1989, ITU Maritime School was made a college affiliated to the ITU Rectorate. On July 3, 1992, the "ITU Maritime Faculty" was established with Law No. 2809. It is an institution that continues to provide education. There is the ITU Maritime Faculty Alumni Association for those who successfully graduated from the faculty. ITU Maritime Faculty is located in the district of Tuzla, in the district of Tuzla in Istanbul. It is a school with a total residential area of ​​67.00 m2, with a coast of approximately 400 meters to the Marmara. Also, it is the largest and most established faculty of our country, which continues its activities in 45 independent buildings with a total closed area of ​​12.500 m2.

Foundation History of the Association

Under the U.S.A. Marshall aid plan, the graduates of ITU Maritime Faculty, who set out to bring ships from America to our country, brought up their idea of ​​establishing an association on the North Atlantic on September 7, 1947, while making their third voyage. Approximately 23 people gathered in the officers' hall together with the captains. Participants of the meeting said that once the association is established, they can become a member immediately. Later, they established a fund with 146.50 TL, which they collected among themselves and laid the foundation of the association. In August 1949, the Association of Higher Maritime School Alumni was established. Later, when the name of the school changed, the name of the association was changed to ITU Maritime Faculty Alumni Association.

As the first founding president, the 1942 graduate Capt. Namık Asena took charge. The board of directors continued their activities in a small room in a place that was known as the Istanbul Oil Trap in the years when it was founded, and today it is called Perşembe Pazarı.

In 1967 the deceased Capt. The association building, which was purchased with the great efforts of Cemil Arıksan, continues to work at the same address as ITU Maritime Faculty Alumni Association.