How to rescue a person falling into the sea?

How to rescue a person falling into the sea?

If the right moves are not made to save someone falling into the sea, this can have consequences that endanger his or her life. If we talk about how to save a man who fell into the sea. Namely;

• A life preserver is attached to the person who falls to the sea. Then the person turns around the person's life preserver and rope to reach the person is provided. It is a very effective method in adverse weather conditions.

• If the person is conscious, he can easily be taken to the deck with scaffolding or net climbing stairs. Network systems are more useful for a person to hold more comfortably.

• The ropes that are tied between the arms of the survivor will be effective in insufficient manpower in harsh weather conditions. The preferred rope for this process should be of a length appropriate to the vessel size.

• If the person has a life jacket, the rescue rope can be fastened to the boat with a lock. Besides, the rescue team must wear life vests and have the necessary equipment to protect against possible situations.

• If the victim is unconscious, appropriate conditions must be ensured and measures should be taken and the sea should be rescued.