How to prepare a web page for seafarers?

How to prepare a web page for seafarers?

We have prepared this week's Q & A. Our guest is Mr. Anthony Burak Dursun, the president of the digital agency Adjans. Without further ado, we go straight to our questions.  

What do you pay attention to when preparing a web page about shipping? 

Each website is prepared by taking care of the relevant sector, target audience, product range, and corporate identity. But there are some essential rules. After all, a web page is like a 24/7 shop that our customer will open. Works as a chain of existing physical shop/office. Just as there are so-called “silent sellers ğu with information about that vehicle in front of each vehicle in the automobile shops, web pages also work as a silent dealer. Although the first target is the target audience of our customer, our second target is “search engines. Search engines don't like every web page, they like web pages that follow their own rules. So when making a web page, it can be a chain market or a maritime web page; We appeal visually to the target audience, to our customers as functionality, to the search engines with its coding structure. 

Do keywords matter? How do you select keywords? 

For example, the main point when designing a web page about maritime is keywords. At this point, our job is a bit easy because there are many terms related to maritime. We can conquer the search engines by using these keywords in many parts of the web page and adding a lot of up-to-date content and blog-like materials to produce numerous unique content in a short time. Then the search engines bring us new users, potential customers. Of course, linking on social media also benefits us. 

We will also talk about Social Media, but one last question; Why do sailors choose you? 

Restricting seafarers only may show us in a somewhat closed vision as if we were working in a uniform direction. We have a multichannel customer portfolio such as large and small businesses, individual or well-known people, white goods sellers, service sector, banking sector. The main point is that we are making steady progress since we are a boutique agency that focuses more on the sought-after values, such as ownership of our work without a marketing department, level, and warm customer relations, and solution focus. Rather than many well-known big-city agencies; the fact that we remain a boutique in the big city, whose capital is respected, committed and committed to its products and services is perhaps our greatest value that sets us apart. Other than that, we can say that we have gained experience in maritime, especially in a marine floating motor vehicles. We have prepared the second edition of the book, Above Water, which has not yet been published, for the visual and content design for underline design. We can say that it was our first high content work experience. We had prepared 20-30 pages of catalogs before, but it is a long, tiring but enjoyable job to present an artwork with more than 600 pages to the world visually, to be sure of its quality, and to present the work of a writer who has worked diligently for those contents for days, weeks and even months. The experience was for us. 

What kind of strategy should be followed in social media? 

Today, social media has an influence that shapes the world, countries, peoples, and decisions. My mass is strong enough to trigger a change. People are free on social media, they can hide, and sometimes they want the opposite. Therefore, it is arduous to implement a traceable standard strategy for social media. The shirt that suits me may not suit you. For this reason, our first job is to get to know the customer, get to know his services, find the points that distinguish him from the promises, products, and services offered by other brands. So; on behalf of our client we focus on it, we can offer what can be filled in six promises. For example, there are many “cheap” chain markets in the market. Although the main theme of all of them is to be “cheap” they all create awareness by ‘metamorphosing’ in the lane of each other. For example; Even though the BİM brand says that I am the cheapest, the A101 brand creates accessibility awareness by saying “I am everywhere”. The strategy of ŞOK markets is differentiating in the cheap market by saying ‘I am qualified’. In which lane will our customer differentiate in his sector? Or are we gonna create a new course for him? Of course, these jobs are primarily the customer, sector, competitors and target audience to learn in detail, plenty of teamwork and hours of brainstorming is happening. As this brings some budgetary balances to the fore, brands that will generally work with the agency view this as a difficult investment. This is, of course, the background of social media. Without creating a backdrop, it would not be possible to produce action and discourse in these channels, to underline it, visualize it on the brink of red lines, or even turn it into interactive interaction.  

If all materials are ready, all that is left is to increase media selection, shipment planning, and interaction. This is quite difficult until the first stage. At what time does our target audience circulate on social media channels? What content does he like? What content does it react to? As much as how responses can be measured, many parameters need to be measured and progressed with the least possible negative responses. 

The whole point is not to say two clicks, pick a nice photo, add a meaningful word on it. 

To summarize; as you mentioned, you choose the image, add the pithy word, take a few “layouts ile with some advertising, and just paddle against the current. Sometimes the current leads you to the destination and sometimes to a port you do not expect. If you like new surprises every time you open your eyes, congratulations! You are a social media expert =) 

What do you say to Social Media and Digital Marketing? 

Peter Drucker has a saying; “The purpose of marketing is to make selling unnecessary.” At first glance, this meaning can be loaded, but to open the word; The most simple sense of selling is to try to sell a good. Marketing, on the other hand, is to create the demand for a good by itself, thus ensuring that people demand it. Let's combine this word with other words; Garst says: ‘Sales-sell’ and ‘sell-sales’ methods do not work on social media.". Social media does not provide you with sales, it brings the buyer to the seller. The rest remains the quality of goods, services, presentation, communication, price, and satisfaction. Social Media offers you prestige, makes your brand memorable, allows you to get in touch with potential buyers and listen to them. And “The right communication in this channel, which is ready to burn like gunpowder, devoid of mimics, requires serious experience, expertise, empathy and of course to follow the agenda. 


If we go back to the maritime topic; What should be considered when shooting videos and photos of maritime, which is of high quality and appealing? 

There is one important point to share. In frames related to the sea: Light. With simple light games, everything can be perfect. Sometimes, if the material we have is a high resolution, we can achieve this glittering and sparkling quality with a little installation. The best thing about the visual materials about maritime, even a slight undulating sea video can show itself for minutes. There is even a concept called Ying satisfying videos social in social media. Nowadays, everything is so fast that we don't have time to catch up with everything. At this point the concept of satisfying videos reaches us. We can watch these videos in minutes to clear our brain's focus or repetitive anxiety. These videos can also be a few tiny silly cat videos, in the foamy waves behind a speeding motor running in the open sea, in the form of birds and gleaming tree leaves. 


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