How to clean the hull and the boat?

How to clean the hull and the boat?

The cleaning of the hulls which are the backbone of the ship is extremely important. If we talk about how to do hull cleaning and boat maintenance, which procedure steps are followed. Namely;

• First of all, the hull of the boat is washed with pressurized water.

• Shaft and strut, which are rudder elements, are cleaned from chamomiles and mussels with suitable chemical products. Use algae remover at this stage to prevent algae, especially in water lines.

• Clean all sieves and open valves to allow water to drain.

• Maintain and repair scrapings, abrasions, and cavities that occur on the boat. Especially if there are swelling parts in the paint, scrape these parts and paint again.

• The tire components must be checked and replaced if they cannot be repaired.

• At the next stage, the strips should be checked and replaced if necessary.

• Finally, the trim, gradient and test chart must be checked.