Hande Arı

Hande Arı

An event was recently held in Norway. The event aimed to identify female captains and sailors who worked and succeeded in the maritime industry. Many female seafarers under 40 applied for the event. In this event, Turkish female sailor Hande Arı succeeded in getting her name written on the "Ten Successful Women to Watch" list.

Famous female sailor Arı made a statement after her success in the sector by being among the women of the sea. In his statement, he mentioned that he aims to set an example for young people in his country. He expressed that he wanted to see Turkish youth as successful in international competitions and events and that he wanted to encourage them in this regard. Including the category of the most successful managers in the world, it proved that the success of women, in particular, is an undeniable fact.

Education Life of Hande Arı

Hande Arı, a female seafarer who succeeded in making her name in the maritime sector in international arenas, started her undergraduate education at the Izmir University of Economics. In 2011, he graduated from the Business Administration department as the first. He also completed the double major program in the Logistics department. The university where he was educated, taught Portuguese as a second foreign language, so he has mastered this language. He also studied in Portugal with the Erasmus program.

Having achieved many successes in his academic career, Arı also received a scholarship to do an internship in Spain. Captain Arı considers this whole process as the basis of success where it is now. Later, he continued his graduate education abroad.

After completing his master's degree, he started to work in a company with the world's largest RORO fleet. Although she was named among the female captains, she worked as a supply chain manager in the Chinese branch of this company.


Success manager Hande Arı was deemed eligible for promotion after two and a half years of labor following her work in China. With this promotion, he was assigned to Norway. His duty in Norway has been determined as being a commercial manager. After his work here, he started to serve in a company called Seven Seans.

The company, in which the famous female seafarer Arı has just started, is among the world's largest suppliers. His role in this company is to manage the entire global commercial department. Hande Arı's position here is as the CEO. It has come to this stage after five years of work.

He stated that he achieved his childhood goal while evaluating his point. Hande Arı, who makes a name for herself as a sailor woman, says that she wants to take more difficult tasks in the future. One of its most important goals is to be a role model for young people.