It has the status of a neighborhood affiliated to Fethiye District of Muğla. The name of Göcek Mahallesi came from the Göcek group, which was located in the residential area in ancient times. The neighborhood is located in the west of Fethiye District and on the border of the Dalaman District. There is the Mediterranean on the west side, Dalaman on the northwest, Gökçeovacık quarter on the north and İnlice quarter on the east. Göcek ship harbors are considered as important structures for the neighborhood. Göcek was connected to Fethiye District on 30 March 2014. As of this date, it has been included in the official records as a neighborhood affiliated to Fethiye. Göcek is located on the Fethiye road to Muğla.

Until 2006, transportation to the region was difficult. However, after the 980-meter long tunnel was opened in June 2006, transportation to the neighborhood has become easier. Dalaman tunnel has, therefore, become a very functional structure. Dalaman tunnel has the feature of being the first tunnel made with the build-operate-transfer model. For this reason, the toll of the tunnel was placed. The settled population of the neighborhood is about 7 thousand. It is seen that the population increased to 10 thousand in the summer months. The sea line of the neighborhood attracts great attention in terms of Blue Road yacht voyages. The sailing races, which are held twice a year, attract the attention of the locals. There are many hotels where those who come to the neighborhood by road can stay in the region. There are two important educational institutions in the region. The distance between Göcek and Dalaman Airport was 22 kilometers before. However, as a result of the studies, this distance has been reduced to 18 kilometers. This situation positively affected transportation.

Göcek Yacht Ports

Göcek is one of the important touristic neighborhoods. During the summer months, there is a serious population increase due to tourism. This contributes economically to the district and the neighborhood. Thanks to tourism, the revenues of many businesses increase at certain times. The port in the neighborhood is very developed in terms of yacht voyages. The main yacht harbors are as follows:

  • Municipality Marina,
  • Skopea Marina,
  • Club Marina,
  • MarinTurk Village Port,
  • D-Marin Marina,
  • Marin Turk Exclusive Marina.

Göcek ship harbors led to the development of yacht tourism. It has gained the attention of yacht lovers due to the wide opportunities it offers. Investments made for the development of the port are increasing day by day. This increases the interest in the region in the same direction. Fethiye, which is the closest port in cruise ships, is anchoring. There is no cruise port in Göcek.