Gate 1 Travel

Gate 1 Travel

The company was founded in 1981. Gate 1 Travel company has adopted the principle of providing the best experiences to those who want to see the world as their biggest dream. The company started its activity as a tour operator. During this service, he accompanied many tour experiences of people. The company organizes tours within the scope of the service in the following regions: 

  • Israel, 
  • Egypt, 
  • Jordan, 
  • Greece, 
  • Turkey. 

After expanding its existing global services, the company started to travel to 7 continents of the world. In this context, more than 100 tours are offered. The company, which started its activities with 3 employees at the beginning, provides worldwide service with its nearly 400 employees. The company's headquarters are located in Fort Washington, Philadelphia, United States. The company has opened offices to respond to its customers at any time in many places outside the company's head office. Gate 1 Travel Company's Services. The company has service offices in many locations. 

The locations of these offices are as follows: 

  • Argentina, 
  • Australia, 
  • China, 
  • Costa Rica, 
  • Czech Republic, 
  • Ecuador, 
  • Egypt, 
  • Great Britain and many other countries. 

The company, which has been serving for more than 35 years, has offered tour services to its customers, which it defines as value, with great devotion. The company takes into account the feedback of its customers about the service and quickly returns to its customers. The company organizes tours with the number of passengers ranging from 24 to 42, arranges accommodation in central hotels and offers many such services with high quality and reasonable prices. Gate 1 Travel company is appreciated by its affordable prices.