For a healthy trip on the water; be sure to check the weather forecast

For a healthy trip on the water; be sure to check the weather forecast

The experts stated that especially in the transition from summer to autumn, recommended that those who will travel on the seas should not sail out without checking the weather.

Stating that this year, many people spend their holidays on the water with the sea vehicles that they find safer due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Eren Budaklı, the officer of the Nautica Goods said that with the change of the season, the travel conditions in the seas started to become difficult due to the sudden changing weather conditions. Stating that the captain and the crew should be aware of the weather as well as the maritime information and make their preparations so, Budaklı said, "Many people have completed their vacation or are about to complete it. 

Sailors should check the weather before sailing   

As in any activity, Eren Budaklı, the officer of the Nautica Goods website, advised those who meet bad weather while cruising on water or while connected to an unsafe area to do what they will do without panic and gave various advices to the captains. In his statement on the knotty subject, "When faced with bad weather, gather the crew and tell them that the bad weather is approaching and to act according to the situation. Indicate that there is no room for panic. Tell the crew on the boat not to travel much during bad weather. If there is no compulsory situation, order them not to be on the deck. Mandatory. Try to find the characteristics of the approaching storm. In other words, determining the speed, intensity, and direction of the storm will make it easier to take precautions. In such cases, a good fix should be taken, and the place on the map should be determined the speed, course, and time of the ship. He advised seafarers should be more careful and cautious these days when weather conditions change more often.

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