Evliya Çelebi

Evliya Çelebi

Evliya Çelebi was born in 1611 in Istanbul. He wrote a 10-volume 

travelogue work called 'Seyahatname' during his many years of travels in Europe, West Asia, and Egypt. Evliya Çelebi received a good education in childhood and youth. After the education he received in the neighborhood school, he went to Şeyhülislam Hamit Efendi Madrasah. After 7 years of education, he entered the palace school Enderun. He was educated in Enderun. Here, he also took music lessons from Dervish Omar Agha.

Evliya Çelebi also took private lessons outside of school education. At the beginning of these courses, Qur'an lessons, Arabic, beautiful writing, music, physical education, and foreign language courses took place. He memorized the Qur'an and became a memory in a short time. At the age of 25, he was taken to the palace under the order of the 4th Murad when he was studying at the Ayasofya Mosque. Everyone has gained appreciation in the palace. Thanks to his ability to speak well and his knowledge, he became a person whom the sultan liked very much. Until the death of 4.Murad was planned to be appointed to high positions in the palace.

Evliya Celebi was very interested in verse and music. As a person who knows his speech very well, he is a very successful personality in what to say where. Also, he has participated in many battles and has survived significant dangers. Evliya Çelebi had a personality that loved traveling. He had a structure that loves to see new places and chat with new people. 4. Murat's period with the palace itself could not stay in the palace too much.

Evliya Çelebi started her long-term journeys after a night dream. On August 19, 1630, in a dream of Ashura, he found himself in the Ali Çelebi Mosque in his dream. The congregation is in the mosque, Hz. He dreamed that the prophet was on the head of this congregation. He stated that the four caliphs and his companions were in this place. The purpose of Evliye Çelebi, Hz. Muhammad to intercede by asking him to reach, although he did not find the courage in the Prophet. He could not go to the Prophet. By gathering courage for a moment Hz. He went to the Prophet and said, “Travel Rasulullah instead of“Intercession or Rasulullah ”. Thus, his travel period, which lasted until the age of 70, began in his real life.

Evliya Çelebi made her first trip to Istanbul and the surrounding area. In 1640 he went to Bursa. Evliya Çelebi's other trip was made in July 1640 to Izmit. During his travels that lasted until 1681, he visited almost all parts of the Ottoman Empire. Evliya Çelebi's Travelogue is an important travel book written in the 17th century. The work consists of 10 volumes. In his work, Evliya Çelebi traveled and saw the places he wrote. Evliya Çelebi passed away in 1685.