The current name of the city is Dubrovnik. Its previous name is Ragusa. The city is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. The historical works of the city from the Middle Ages attract attention. The population of the city is approximately 50 thousand. The historical artifacts in the city were damaged after the serious clashes that took place in 1991 when Croatia left Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik seaports have an important history in the city. As a result of the correction and restoration work carried out by UNESCO, the city has become close to its former appearance. Lokrum Island, botanical gardens and beaches are remarkable beauties in the city.

There are valuable historical artifacts in the city. In 1979, these historical sites were registered as World Heritage by UNESCO. It is possible to encounter this city with the name Ragusa in Turkish sources. A privilege was granted to the Republic of Ragusa, who sustained his life in the city in 1365. As a result of the privilege, the state was taken under the auspices of the Ottoman Empire. After that, he was obliged to pay taxes to the Ottoman annually. The French army entered the city during the Napoleonic era, that is, in 1808. After this occupation, the Republic of Ragusa was terminated. The city was connected to France after this attempt.

There are many places to see in the city. It is possible to list them as follows:

  • Bell Tower,
  • Franciscan Monastery,
  • The column of Orlando,
  • Rector's Palace,
  • Ploce Gate,
  • Pile Gate,
  • Saint Blaise Church,
  • Sponza Palace.

Dubrovnik Ship Ports The main cruise port of the city is located in the Kanatig area. This place is located 3 kilometers from Old Town. Many ships anchor at this port. In this respect, it has a crowded and important port feature. Thousands of passengers use this port every year. 500 cruise ships are connected to the port every year. Large ship companies use this port very often. This increases the value of the port. Companies that use the port extensively are as follows: 

  • Royal Carribean, 
  • Carnival Cruise,
  • P&O Cruise, 
  • Costa Cruise, 
  • Disney Cruise Line, 
  • Azamara Club Cruises, 
  • Regent Seven Seas. 

The port's hosting of important company ships makes important economic contributions to the city. Dubrovnik ship ports are an important structure due to the benefits they provide to the city and the country in which they are located.