Dokuz Eylul Maritime Faculty Alumni Association

Dokuz Eylul Maritime Faculty Alumni Association

The association, in January 2002, D.E.Ü. With the gathering of the graduates of the School of Maritime Business and Management, the preparation of the bylaws for the establishment of the association started. After the regulation was prepared, a vote was held by the graduates. As a result of voting, nine graduates were determined as "Founding Members" for Dokuz Eylül Maritime Faculty Alumni Association. The association was established with the approval of the İzmir Provincial Directorate of Associations, after all, legal proceedings and the necessary applications were fulfilled. The official establishment date is 8 July 2002. Naming Dokuz Eylül Maritime Faculty Alumni Association 

The association held its first ordinary general assembly in January 2003. Its name was DİYYOMED when it was founded. With this name, the association started to register members for itself. Dokuz Eylul University School of Maritime Business and Management was transformed into Maritime Faculty with the publication of the Official Gazette dated 31.10.2009 and numbered 2009/15486. Following this transformation, the name of the association was changed at the extraordinary general assembly meeting held on December 19, 2009. It was unanimously decided that the new name of the association should be "Maritime Faculty Alumni Association (DEFMED)". Thus, the name of Dokuz Eylül Maritime Faculty Alumni Association became definite. It continues its activities with this name. Founded in 2002, the association is effectively in the field today. Members of the board of directors are Osman Bilgin, Orçun Erbayraktar, Bülent İbik, Emre Can Atak, Mustafa Aslan, Mehmet Melih Cen, and Çağdaş Emiroğlu.

Objectives of the Association

Founded with great enthusiasm by the alumni, the association continues its management establishment works rapidly and devotedly so that the relay race can continue for future generations. It is the association's first tool to bring together more than a thousand faculty graduates, each of whom has achieved success in social, professional, and academic life. The most important way to achieve this is to create a common platform for only association members. For this purpose, the website, which is the most competent body of the association in informing, is always up to date.

Necessary studies are carried out to announce the activities of the association, to increase awareness, and to increase the cooperation between members. Dokuz Eylul Maritime Faculty Alumni Association tries to gather all of its alumni under the roof of the association to protect the , strengthen ties, and enable its members to have an effective say in every platform.