Dikili Cruise Port

Dikili Cruise Port

The cruise tourism in Turkey is becoming an increasing activity. Turkey in 2019 when France suffered a flagged ship was on its way from southern France. After a tour of Italy and Greece, he anchored in the ports of Kusadasi and Dikili. In 2018, after many cruise ships did not visit our country frequently, this ship became a new hope. In particular, the target of 2020 tourism projects is to increase the number of cruise ships.

Dikili Port welcomed 15,401 passengers with 26 ships in 2010, 17,485 passengers with 34 ships in 2011, 4,865 passengers with 24 ships in 2012, 7,655 passengers with 21 ships in 2013, 7,194 passengers with 32 ships in 2014, 8,317 passengers with 41 ships in 2015, In 2016, there were 3,998 passengers with 17 ships, 99 passengers with 1 ship, 103 passengers with 2 ships in 2018, and 776 passengers with 4 ships in the first 8 months of 2019.

Various studies are needed to increase the number of ships arriving at the cruise ship port. For example, cruise ships coming to İzmir, Kuşadası and Istanbul ports should be negotiated with the operator and be brought to Dikili port. Operators should be contacted with the operators who have taken the port of Dikili off the route even though it had made a voyage in the past. Furthermore, the historical site of the Acropolis of Pergamum near Dikili should be promoted. For cruise passengers, the port area should be made interesting.

 Cruise tourism is very important for the social and economic development of countries. Therefore, the number of ports around the world is increasing. Cruise ports are located where passengers can visit and enjoy themselves. Due to its location owned by Turkey's natural, historical, it poses a high potential for cruise tourism and cultural heritage.

The most preferred city in terms of cruise ship tourism is Izmir, which is also the port city of Dikili. Located in the Aegean region, Izmir is home to many natural harbors. Some of these ports serve as cruise ports. Dikili port is also among these ports.