Deniz Eskisi: Maritime Web Site

Deniz Eskisi: Maritime Web Site

Bülent Yanaşık, 56, married and has a son, is our guest this week. Our friendship with Mr. Yanaşık, the owner of Deniz Eskisi, is based on many years. He has a master's degree in Tourism Management besides Mechanical Engineering, decides to embark on the marine antique business in 2013 to prevent the disposal of valuable marine materials. When the domain was purchased, 3 thousand of the books in its library, which reached 8 thousand books, are related to maritime. He started collecting books with the works of Kemalettin Tuğcu at the age of 8, decided to sell some of his books at the end of 2014. But this decision changes suddenly at the beginning of 2015 because rare resource books are sold less than their value and disappear. It permits books to be reviewed only by researchers, undergraduate, and graduate students.

Mr. Yanaşık, a retired sailor himself, decided to collect vintage and antique nautical supplies and sell them at DenizEskisi. And the story begins! Nostalgic antiques, special production rope materials, souvenirs, all kinds of old and new products related to culture and art take place in Deniz Eskisi. At the same time, the board engaged in restoration and renovation products which begin were demanded from many points in Turkey.

He has been attending different maritime fairs and special orders come from various places since 2016. This causes him to reach different suppliers in Turkey. The team has 4 restorers, 2 state artists on ceramics and tiles. Then, he started to sell to Europe with Knotcalia sub-head, ordered custom rope models for the craftsmen dealing with rope manufacturing in Turkey. Utilizing these rope models; different models of mats, kitchen supplies, bread baskets, trimmers, service plates, plate coasters, glass coasters, such as the use of daily use products to the aesthetics of marine ties.

Respect for women craftsmen who produce manual labor is endless. Unlike fabricated production, each of the female craftsmen who apply hand sewing and knitting styles on their products presents their different works to their customers on the web page. It brings together hundreds of products made from raw materials that are harmless to nature, oil and bacteria repellent and can swim even on the sea. The vision of the company is “Our meticulousness in originality, our determination in customer satisfaction and our ambition to make a difference in the field of maritime culture is the only condition for us to be one of the biggest in the sector. And we strive for unconditional customer satisfaction. Every product our customer chooses must first pass through our filters, get our approval on quality first and then reach our customers.”

Since 2016, is a very good sailor. He wants to transfer his love of the sea to future generations, voluntarily teaches the principles of seafaring to 28 children in his sailing club. 8-12 age group students maritime terms, ship ties, navigation equipment used onboard, fire, safety and security principles, such as provides a lot of information. He also wants his students to be sailors when they become adults, like himself, directs many of his students to the maritime schools. Mr. Tanışık, whose biggest dream is to establish a maritime museum, has always made it his mission to make the love of maritime. Let's say, well, we know you, Mr. Tanışık, we hope you will reach your dreams as soon as possible.