Cunard Line

Cunard Line

Cunard Line, a famous shipping company, operates luxury cruise ships. The company, which has a very deep-rooted past, has been operating in Miami for more than 180 years. The company continues the tradition of painting chimneys, which have become the symbol of their ships, in orange. It attracts attention with its large and showy ships. There are quite imposing cruise ships of various names. It makes important tours all over the world with these ships.

Ships Owned by Cunard Line Company

When the name of the company is heard, the first ship that comes to mind is Queen Mary, which is the biggest ship of the company. It started its journeys in 2005 for the first time. It can host 3056 people. It has approximately 800 balconies. Besides, the casino, showroom, discos, and bars are indispensable for the summer holidays.

Queen Victoria, which also belongs to the same company, has the title of the newest ship for the company that meets water. He made his first voyage in 2018. It has a passenger capacity of 2014. It is a gigantic ship 295 meters tall. All possibilities of technology are used in this ship. Different entertainment and activities are also offered to guests.

Another ship owned by the Cunard Line company is Queen Elizabeth. It is the most modern ship the company has. It met with water for the first time in 2010. It has a passenger capacity of 2014 and offers full board accommodation.