The company is an international river cruise company. The company handles many ships. The company was founded in 1976. CroisiEurope company operated under the name of "Alsace Croisieres" until 1997. The regions where the rivers where the company operates are as follows:

  • Europe,
  • Russia,
  • Mekong,
  • Birminy to,
  • Africa,
  • South America,
  • United States of America.

The company also; offers cruise service in the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. The company has management and sales offices in many places. The company's founder is Gerard Schmitter. The locations of the company's offices are as follows.

  • Lyon,
  • Strasbourg,
  • Paris,
  • Nice,
  • Lausanne,
  • United States of America.

The total number of employees of the company in 2015 is 1350 people.

Establishment Story of CroisiEurope Company

Gerard Schmitter, who founded the company, entered the sector in 1982 by renting the boat named "Alsace". In 1986, it achieved the first-class boat "Prestige". The company's second class boat after Prestige was also "Kellerman". By 1990, the company managed to own its fleet. In 1991, the company's office in Paris was opened. He started the First Danube flights in 1993. This action was followed in 1995 and 1997 by the Rhone and Saone cruise lines. The company changed its previous name, Alsace Croisieres, to Croisi to operate outside of France. He started his first cruise in 1998 in the Seine. Gerard, the founder of the company, divided the company among his 4 children in 1999. Many new ships joined the fleet in 2017. CroisiEurope company continues its activities with brand new ships.