Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises, which has been serving for cruise travels for a long time, has been in our country since the 1990s. It makes it possible to explore the world to its guests who prefer it with 12 ships in the world. The company, which travels the Mediterranean, the North Sea, and the Indian Ocean, also offers the Caribbean, Japanese Sea, and World Tour services.

Comfort comes to the fore in all ships within the company. Appealing to the aesthetic feeling of its guests with Italian style designs, the company also offers delicious food presentations. Separate activities specific to night and day hours are also provided on these ships.

Costa Cruises Ships

There are 12 ships within the company. One of these ships, Costa Serena, was built in 2007. In addition to its 3700 passenger capacity, it is also suitable for carrying 1100 personnel. It contains one Formula 1 simulation. There are also sections such as swimming pools, bars, libraries, giant theater hall.

Another firm of the company, Costa Magica, was built in 2004. There are 13 passenger decks on this ship. It has a carrying capacity of 3760 passengers and 1000 personnel. There are 14 elevators on the ship. It also covers all the activity areas you will need during the holiday.

Costa Fortuna is a ship owned by Costa Cruises. This ship, built-in 2003, weighs 105,000 tons. While hosting 3470 passengers, it has a carrying capacity of 1000 personnel. There are many activity areas such as water slide, disco, casino, running track.