Coronavirus, affecting life negatively, also injured the cruise industry

Coronavirus, affecting life negatively, also injured the cruise industry

After the Kovid 19 disease, which started in the world and spread rapidly, the cruise industry was affected deeply. 

Many companies had to make radical decisions during the pandemic process. Coronavirus, which affects all areas of life, also negatively affected life above water. After the virus, Aliaga Ship Recycling Facility almost turned into the cruise port. 

Eren Budaklı, the official of the Nautica Goods in Aydın, stated that the Coronavirus, which affects the world and causes deaths in our country, adversely affects not only life on land but also life above water, and that many companies have sent their ships to dismantle. He stated that the course of many world companies is saddening. 

Budaklı noted, “Spanish cruise company Pullmantur Cruise, a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean company, closed down the company and sent two ships in its fleet to Aliaga Ship Recycling Facility to be scrapped. Also, Carnival Cruise, one of the World's largest cruise companies, sent the oldest two ships in its fleet to Aliaga. After the Monarch and Sovereign ships that came to Aliaga Ship Recycling Facility last month, Carnival Fantasy and Carnival Inspiration came to Aliaga with the same fate. It is sad to see the ships that we have seen in Kusadasi and Istanbul for years at the dismantling facilities side by side in Aliaga. Although the cruise industry has tried to resume voyages in a few countries, the disease has reappeared on the ships. And cruise lines were canceled again. Due to economic reasons, many companies have to scrape their ships. With this trend, more ships look like the future to Aliaga for dismantling rather than our touristic ports”.

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