Cleaning of the Inside of the Boats

Cleaning of the Inside of the Boats

While the whole world is dealing with the Coronavirus, seafarers living on their boats also carefully follow the measures against the virus. It is also very important to clean the interior of the boats, which are alarmed at the marina and sea coasts. Just as the measures against the virus were taken at home and workplaces, boat residents can overcome this process more hygienically with the measures to be taken on boats. official Eren Budaklı gave information about the interior cleaning of the boats. One of the important operations to be done in boats is the cleaning of the interiors.

The process steps to be followed for this process are as follows; 

• Before starting cleaning of the interior, all systematic tools and electronics should be checked and the power should be cut off. Such systems should be cleaned with the help of appropriate cleaners and cloths. 

• Dehumidifier products should be used. 

• Closed areas of the boat should be ventilated. 

• All fabric, wood and vinyl parts should be cleaned with suitable cleaners. 

• It is necessary to control the liquid gas in the kitchen section and to control manual and electric valves. 

• The oven and cooker should be checked and cleaned with the necessary cleaners. 

• The cellar and kitchen must be ventilated. 

• Toilets must be checked and cleaned with the help of chemicals.