Cheng I Sao

Cheng I Sao

Cheng I Sao, who feared people during his lifetime, led the gang of seventy thousand pirates in 1807 and 1810. The gang he directed looted on the Chinese coast and cut tribute. Pirate Cheng I, whose life was united in 1801, was the most awesome pirate in the South China sea. Before he got married, he asked Cheng I Sao to share his strength with him. He got married by making a deal in this direction. Cheng I was assigned by the Vietnamese to attack China. It had a confederation of seven fleets.

Cheng I died in 1807. All the powers he had were taken over by Cheng I Sao. It was named after Cheng I Sao from here. Among the Chinese, Cheng I meant the widow of Cheng. Previously, he used the name, Shih Yang. He worked at a ship brothel in the South China sea for some time. When he got married, this work was finished.

Living conditions on the ships commanded by Cheng I Sao were very bad. He wanted all rules to be followed one by one. When the rules were not followed, heavy sanctions were imposed. He continued his life in a single ship with hundreds of pirate families. If the loot obtained in the expeditions were not put into the common treasure, he would give death sentences. Also, the penalty for rape and adultery crimes was death.

The Chinese empire decided to capture Cheng I Sao in 1808. For this purpose, reconnaissance troops were sent after him. However, the head of the unit was killed in a short time. Half of the ships sent for his capture were sent to the seabed. Some of them were seized. The Chinese government sought help from the British to achieve its goal. They planned to use the ship they bought from them to follow. As time went on, China received help from Portugal and added a warship to them and added it to its fleet.

Despite all of China's work, Cheng I Sao managed to escape every time. He was not caught but decided to end his piracy life at his own will. He was forgiven by the state elders for ending piracy with his consent and will. Along with Cheng I Sao, all the pirates under his auspices were also pardoned. Cheng I Sao continued his remaining life more calmly by running a casino.