Çeşme: Sea, Rumeli Patisserie, Bicycle Race, Amera Ship and Shopping

Çeşme: Sea, Rumeli Patisserie, Bicycle Race, Amera Ship and Shopping

Çeşme is the prominent tourist center of İzmir. You know, it's a great place where many Izmirites lock the İzmir-Çeşme highway and create miles of traffic. There are many reasons to visit Çeşme. Let's talk about this first. Beaches, sea water diversity, social and entertainment life; Çeşme calls us to visit her. With the increase of luxury hotels in recent years, large and small companies; began to organize festivals, meetings and fairs. In addition, Ulusoy Port, many Ro-Ro vessels and trucks transported to Europe, Turkish people also travel with cruise ships and they have the opportunity to tour the Aegean islands, foreign flagged cruise ships with passengers, to discover the Çeşme. You can also get to Chios, Greece from Cesme Harbor in a half hour by ferry. Without forgetting, the live fish carrier ships also come to Çeşme. In short, life does not stop in Çeşme. The fountain was opened; water never stopped flowing. 


There are many places to visit in Cesme. When you have already entered the city, Cesme Castle catches your eye. Built in 1508 by Mehmet the son of Architect Ahmet, this magnificent castle includes the Archeology Museum. You can see 477 archaeological Works in the museum. Also, don't forget to take a photo with the giant statue of Algerian Gazi Hasan Pasha. On the other handi If you want to swim, you are in the right place


Altınkum Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world, is also in Çeşme. Located 10 km from the town center, the beach is 500 meters long and 15 meters wide. There are also many blue flag beaches in Cesme. These are: Zigana Resort Alacati, Design Plus Seva Beach Alacati, Alacati Beach Resort & SPA, Paparazzi Beach Club, Radisson Blu Resort & SPA Hotel, Dilaila Beach Club, Boyalik Beach Hotel & Spa, Sheraton Hotel, Ilica Hotel, Babylon Hotel, Grand Onur Hotel, Altinyunus Hotel and the Nowness.

Alaçatı is also the rising star of Çeşme in recent years. With many celebrities flocking to Alaçatı, Alaçatı has gained a reputation. What is done in Alacati? You can go to antique shops in Hacımemiş neighborhood, you can go to Alaçatı market, you can go to sea and blue flag beaches, you can try wind surfing, you can taste Çeşme dove, you can visit windmills; You can take great pictures, you can eat unique dishes of the Aegean cuisine, you can buy souvenirs, you can stay in boutique hotels and go to festivals.

You should also visit Erythrai Ancient City. The ancient city in the village of Ildır, 26 km away from Çeşme, the remains of the Temple of Athena and the city walls, the ruins of the ancient city, the mosaic stones and the ancient theater came to light as a result of the excavations carried out in 1963. The name of the city is Greek, according to the assumption that the earth color of the city is red and Greek; This city was called ‘Red City için because it is the red equivalent of Erythos.


In addition, on November 2, 2019, during our visit to Çeşme, Amera cruise ship, which came to the city, brought guests to the city. The ship, built at the Wartsile Marine Perno shipyard in Turku, Finland, was operated by many different companies. Now operated by German operator Phoenix Reisen, the vessel is 205 meters long and 29 meters wide. The vessel, carrying 835 passengers, has 440 crew members. The ship has 9 floors and has 419 cabins. The ship coming from Çeşme to Istanbul anchored at 12:00 and departed at 20:00 for Santorini Island, which is the next stop.


Apart from the passengers of the Amera, there were bicycle lovers in the city. There are participants from many different countries to the Veloturk Gran Fonde Fountain by Carraro, the 1300 amateur cyclist race. We learned that cyclists from the USA, Iran, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Ireland, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Russia, Belgium, Spain and Ukraine will compete on different tracks of the province, which are 100 and 47 km long.

Finally, we ended our day by eating the wonderful desserts in Rumeli Patisserie. The owner of the business, Mr. Hüseyin Mersin, takes the Rumeli Pastry shop from his father and manages it together with his 3rd generation children. Patisserie’s logo shows an ‘Incoming Ship’; this logo emphasized his ancestors who came by ship from Kavala, Greece. The pastry shop has 3 branches and the manufacturing factory is located on the Dalyan road. In the pastry shop where many celebrities have visited, the famous gummy ice cream of Çeşme was first made here. The sailors coming from Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara to Çeşme, sail and bets for ‘Soda’. Whomever wins the first place, gets the ‘Soda’. When the sailors got tired, they came to the Rumeli Pastry Shop, drinking salep and eating dessert. We are ending our trip to Çeşme by returning to our home with the smiling face of Mr. Hüseyin.