Beijing is the capital of China. The city is the second-largest metropolitan area in the country after the city of Shanghai. The city is classified by the central government as a city directly managed by the municipality. Beijing ship ports are also an important area. The real name of the port is Tianjin. Beijing is adjacent to the province of Tietsin in the southwest, neighboring the city of Hebei in the west, north, and south. The city is one of the four capitals of China. This increases the importance of the city even more.

Kubilay Han has used Beijing as a political center since 1272 as the Mongolian Emperor and founder of the Yuan Dynasty in China. Although the city changed at short intervals, it became the general capital of China. It became the official capital in 1420 by taking its present name during the Ming Dynasty. The meaning of the current name of the city is the Northern Capital. The city has been located in China's eight-hundred-year history. There are many historical monuments and ancient structures in the city. The city contains many of China's ancient works. Beijing, Beijing has 14 urban districts and 2 different rural districts. The surface area of ​​the city was calculated as 4 thousand 567 square kilometers.

Many transportation networks have developed in the city. It is located at the center of many railways and highways. It is also used as the center of many international flights to the country. Most of the flights to the country are made here. Although Beijing city is at an important level in economic, political and cultural fields, it is behind Hong Kong and Shanghai city. The city hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008.

Beijing Ship Ports

The port is of great importance to the country. It is one of the important ports where many ships stop and anchor. The port has the feature of being the biggest port of North China. It hosted 500 million tons of cargo and 13 million TEU containers in 2013. Beijing ship ports Tianjin Port Group Ltd. is managed by the company. The port has an area of ​​260 square kilometers. The total value of the cargo calculated in 2011 amounted to approximately 198 billion dollars. In 2012, 110 thousand passengers used the port.