Barcelona, ​​the second-largest city in Spain, is located in the northeast of the country. The city is located 150 kilometers south of the border between France and Spain. In our article, we will both give information about the city and give details about the most important Barcelona ship ports. The language widely used in the city is Catalan. The city has the distinction of being the sixth-largest metropolitan area within the borders of the European . The layout of the city is extremely organized and compatible with each other. Commercial areas and residential areas are concentrated in and around the center of the city. Industrial areas are a little further outside the city. The city is located on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Barcelona Ship Ports

The fact that Barcelona is also a port city also makes it an intense city. The population of the city is crowded and likewise, the crowd of the port is considerably higher. Barcelona Port is one of the busiest and busiest ports in Europe. During the year, many cruise ships arrive at this port and anchor here. The port has a 2000-year history. It has the characteristic of being the biggest port of Catalonia, which is connected with Tarragona. It is a port located on the important routes in the Mediterranean. Another feature of the port is that Spain is the third and Europe's ninth-largest container port.

The port has an area width of 10,653 square kilometers. The building called the Maremagnum is located in the central part of the Port Vell area called The Old Port. In this structure, there are shops for shopping, as well as complexes for nightlife. Besides, cinemas and Europe's largest aquarium are also located in this area. Considered the largest aquarium in Europe, this area houses 8 thousand fish and 11 sharks. The area of ​​the fish consists of 22 pools and 6 million liters of seawater were used here.

Maremagnum is considered an important tourist area. This place is only open on Sundays and public holidays. On other days this part is kept closed. Right next to the Maremagnum area is an area called Golondrinas. Tourists who come here can easily get around the harbor by getting on small ships. Among the ship ports of Barcelona, ​​the industrial part is in the south and includes Zona Franca. There are three passenger terminals in the Port Vell area. These are as follows:

  • Terminal Drassanes,
  • Terminal Ferry Barcelona,
  • Grimaldi Terminal Barcelona.