American Cruise Lines

American Cruise Lines

The company organizes cruise lines through small ships. The company's headquarters are located in Guilford, Connecticut, in the United States. American Cruise Lines company was founded in 1991. The company has a special company status. Also, the sector in which it operates is defined as the travel and accommodation industry. The company manages 12 small ships within the scope of these activities. The regions where the company provides services are as follows:

  • East Seaboard,
  • West Seaboard (including Alaska),
  • Mississippi-Ohio
  • Columbia-Snake rivers.

The company started its activities as a joint-stock company in 1991. The ship named "American Eagle", which has a capacity of 49 passengers, made its first voyage in 2000. This ship was followed by the “American Glory” ship of the same size and dimensions in 2002.

American Cruise Lines Fleet

After these increases in the fleet, the ship named “American Spirit” was added to the fleet in 2005. This ship was held responsible for making two voyages. The fourth ship included in the fleet, "American Star", started its voyage in 2007. In 2010, “Independence”, a large ship, started to serve with a wider beam and active wing stabilizers. The passenger-carrying capacity of the ship could increase by up to 104 people. The fact that the ship has wider beams has enabled large luxury cabins to serve. Besides, the private balconies and common areas on the ship have satisfied the customers. During this period, American Cruise Lines continued to serve by adding a few more ships to its fleet.