As a major Spanish information technology provider, Amadeus operates in the global travel and tourism industry. The establishment of the company took place in 1987. The company's headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. The chairman of the company is Jose Antonio Tazon. The president and CEO of the company are Luis Maroto. The company's net profit in 2017 was over $ 1 billion. The company has a total of 19 thousand employees. Many companies have partnered in the establishment of the company. These companies are as follows: 

  • Air France, 
  • Lufthansa, 
  • Scandinavian Airlines, 
  • Iberia. 

The company operates on travel technologies in general. The company is built on 2 areas. One of these areas is the global distribution system, and the other is information technology solutions. Amadeus company; offers research, pricing, ticketing, booking, and other process services to real-time travelers and travel agencies through the Amadeus CRS distribution business area. 

Amadeus Corporation 

The company also operates on computer software. The computer software he produced was generally automatic reservation, inventory, software management, and department control systems. Company; provides direct service to its customers about airport, hotel, tour operators, insurers, car rental, and train companies, ferry services, and cruise lines, travel agencies. The company has central sites in many countries and cities. Many companies are using the system owned by the company. Global companies operating worldwide are satisfied with the service provided by Amadeus.