All Seafarers' Association Sailing Ship Training Association

All Seafarers' Association Sailing Ship Training Association

Founded by a group of sailors, the Sailing Ship Training Association is known as YEGED for short. It was established in 2009. The association was established to contribute to the formation, spread, and actual living of the sea culture in this beautiful geography of the people who love the maritime sector in our country. It wants to train educated people in the maritime sector. These training are also desired to be on the sailing ship.

How Did the Idea of ​​Establishing a Sailing Ship Training Association come about?

When we look at our age, it is seen that there are large sailing school ships in many countries. For almost a century, these sailing school ships have been traveling around the world seas and regionally planned cruises, offering local and cultural marine education. These sailing training vessels are actively cruising. It has also evolved into an almost traditional training template where they can experience marine life vividly with various organizations.

These sailing training ships with different sail rigging, generally with hair and wooden hulls, have very effective results. One example of these is to be a ship flying the Turkish flag in the waters of our country and the world, creating awareness and training all newly raised Turkish youth in the waters of our country with different seas. Also, the Sailing Ship Training Association was established to organize various organizations and to achieve this purpose. It continues its activities. Foreign languages ​​are used on ships that provide training in world seas. The association also works on language development.

TÜMDER is the official abbreviation name for the All Seafarers Association. The association became official at the end of 2003. As a non-governmental organization, it works under its real purpose. Under the instructions of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk; the association needs to explain the importance of being a seafaring nation and the sea to the public. The association always acts under the universal legal rules and conditions while presenting maritime and maritime to the public. 

All Seafarers' Association Objectives 

One of the main objectives of the All Seafarers Association is to take seafaring as a whole and to make it a leading country in world maritime and the economic power that will drag the country after it. To become a leading country, it will continue to work until all its ships sailing in international waters are equipped with the sailors of our country. In doing so, universal legal rules and conditions will always be prioritized. Adequate information on sea and maritime will be made available to the public. The association wants to train seafarers who approach every problem with a human and especially a seafarer perspective. He wants to have people who can assess from the perspective of ship people. Thus, the proposed solutions will always remain within the maritime sector. 

Objectives of the Association

Building a sailing school ship for maritime students is the primary goal of this association. In the style of a ship sailing training vessels circulating in the world, it is not in Turkey. The fact that such a ship to be built is the first of its kind in the country is the main motivation in the work of the association. One of the aims of the establishment of this association is to help the people of our country, which is surrounded by seas, to increase their interest in the sea. It is also among the aims to improve people's maritime culture, to contribute to the creation of love for the sea and environmental awareness. To become a maritime nation, a maritime state, a sailor nation, there must be sailing training ships. The aim is to ensure that Turkish youth, who want to be reached by the sailing training ship to be built, who want to do professional and amateur maritime, participate in the maritime organizations attended by the ships that have been providing these training for a long time, thanks to the Sailing Ship Training Association.