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Black Sea Exchange
Each ship model is unique and unique because it is made by hand. You can buy the Black Sea taka model, which will only be found in you, from Su Üstünde with first quality.


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Ship models, which have been part of the decoration of our homes for a long time, are classical and craftsmanship products that are compatible with every decoration. Ship model making is a very niche occupation that requires patience and effort. Making a quality ship model will take a lot of time and is considered a professional endeavor.

Taka is a private boat, especially belonging to the Black Sea. Its origin comes from the Laz language. It was mostly produced in primitive workshops in Bartın, Amasra, Kurucaşile, Sürmene and Istanbul Ayvansaray, Silivri and Rumeli Kavağı on the Black Sea coast. Unfortunately, it is no longer produced anywhere. Taka; It was often used in fishing for the purpose of transporting small loads and a limited number of passengers. The lengths usually varied between 8 and 10 meters, and were generally capable of carrying 5 to 10 tons of payload. For fishing, smaller anchors were generally used.

The swaps were not very fast. However, they were well-balanced and durable boats. They were especially suitable for the thick waves of the Black Sea. Generally, Takas made by Laz are associated with Laz culture and Black Sea culture.

Although they are no longer in our lives, the takalar has been the pearl of the Black Sea for many years. It was used mainly for transportation; It took place as a part of Laz culture. With its unique design, takalar carries the combativeness of the Black Sea in its structure. Invite the unique fragrance of the Black Sea into your life.

This product, which has been processed with effort and patience, not only blows the air of hot and cold seas at the same time with the perfect combination of wood, but is also compatible with every decoration. Black Sea swap, which will quickly become a part of your home, will present the sparkle of labor that will shine like a jewel in every area in the most elegant way.

Each ship model is unique and unique because it is made by hand. You can buy the Black Sea taka model, which will only be found in you, from Su Üstünde with first quality. On the Water Black Sea swap will bring labor-filled parts from the freedom of the sea to your living spaces, and will be a part of your home and life by creating a character of your own with the breeze of ships full of struggle and freedom.

An indispensable part of collectors interested in maritime are ship models; It will remind you of the unique taste of the sea by blowing a salty breeze in your homes and living spaces.

You can easily present this unique piece of craftsmanship to your loved ones, which will be a unique gift for your family, friends and loved ones who are interested in maritime.

Product Information

Product Dimension: 14.5cm width, 6cm height, 6.5cm height, 79g weight

Product Material: Wood

Product Care: The bottom part made of wooden material and the ship in a glass bottle is a completely original and specially designed product. You can wipe the glass part with glass cleaner. You can wipe the lower part made of wood with a damp cloth. Avoid using cleaning products and harsh materials that can cause scratches or breakage. The product should be kept away from impacts.



1. If you place an order electronically through the website you are using, you are deemed to have accepted the preliminary information form and the distance sales contract presented to you.

2. When the product comes to you, definitely shoot the video while opening it. Faulty or Defective products proved by video will be returned unconditionally.

3. Cargo charges, which are the shipping costs of the product, will be paid by the buyers.

4. Each purchased product is delivered to the person and/or organization at the address indicated by the buyer, provided that it does not exceed the legal period of 30 days. If the product is not delivered within this period, Buyers may terminate the contract.

5. For arbitrary returns (like I don't like it, it is small), the shipping fee will be paid by the buyer.

6. If it becomes impossible to sell the purchased product, the seller must notify the buyer in writing within 3 days of learning about this situation. The total price must be returned to the Buyer within 14 days.


7. If the buyer does not pay the price of the purchased product or cancels it in the bank records, the Seller's obligation to deliver the product ends.


8. After the product is delivered, if it is determined that the credit card paid by the buyer is used unfairly by unauthorized persons and the price of the product sold is not paid to the Seller by the relevant bank or financial institution, the Buyer will return the product subject to the contract to the SELLER within 3 days. must.


9. If there is a force majeure that the seller cannot foresee and the product cannot be delivered on time, the situation is notified to the Buyer. The buyer may request the cancellation of the order, the replacement of the product with a similar product, or the postponement of the delivery until the obstacle disappears. If the buyer cancels the order; If the payment has been made in cash, this fee will be paid to him in cash within 14 days of cancellation. If the buyer made the payment by credit card and cancels, the product price will be returned to the bank within 14 days from this cancellation, but the bank can transfer it to the buyer's account within 2-3 weeks.


10. The Buyer will inspect the contractual goods/service before receiving it; crushed, broken, torn packaging, etc. will not receive the damaged and defective goods/services from the courier company. The delivered goods/services will be deemed undamaged and intact. The BUYER must carefully protect the goods/services after delivery. If the right of withdrawal is to be used, the goods/services should not be used.


11. BUYER; Within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the purchased product to himself or to the person/organization at the address indicated, he can use the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the goods without any legal or criminal liability and without any justification, provided that the SELLER is notified via the following contact information.


12. If the buyer purchases a service, this 14-day period starts from the date the contract is signed. Before the right of withdrawal expires, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in service contracts whose service is initiated with the approval of the consumer.

13. Expenses arising from the use of the right of withdrawal belong to the SELLER.

14. To use the right of withdrawal, written notification must be made to the SELLER by registered mail, fax, or e-mail within 14 (fourteen) days and the product must not be used by the provisions of "Products for which the Right of Withdrawal cannot be exercised" outlined in this contract.


15. The invoice of the product delivered to the 3rd person or the BUYER (If the invoice of the product to be returned is corporate, it must be sent with the return invoice issued by the institution when returning. Order returns whose invoices are issued on behalf of the institutions will not be completed unless the RETURN INVOICE is issued.)

16. The return form must be delivered complete and undamaged, together with the box, packaging, and standard accessories, if any, of the products to be returned.


17. The SELLER is obliged to return the total price and the documents that put the BUYER under debt within 10 days from the receipt of the withdrawal notice to the BUYER and to return the goods within 20 days.

18. If there is a decrease in the value of the goods due to a reason caused by the BUYER's fault or if the return becomes impossible, the BUYER is liable to compensate the damages of the SELLER at the rate of a defect. However, the BUYER is not responsible for the changes and deteriorations that occur due to the proper use of the product or product within the right of withdrawal.

19. If the campaign limit amount set by the SELLER is decreased due to the use of the right of withdrawal, the discount amount used within the scope of the campaign is canceled.


20.Custom design, underwear bottom pieces, swimwear and bikini bottoms, make-up materials, disposable products, goods that are in danger of deterioration or that are likely to expire, and which are not available to be returned to the BUYER, Products that are not suitable for health and hygiene if the package is opened by the BUYER after delivery, products that are mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated by nature, Goods related to periodicals such as newspapers and magazines, except those provided under the subscription agreement, The return of the services performed or intangible goods delivered to the consumer instantly, audio or video recordings, books, digital content, software programs, data recording, and data storage devices, computer consumables, packaging if opened by the BUYER as required by the Regulation. It is not possible. In addition, before the expiration of the right of withdrawal, it is not possible to use the right of withdrawal regarding the services started with the approval of the consumer.

21. Cosmetics and personal care products, underwear products, swimwear, bikinis, books, reproducible software and programs, DVD, VCD, CD and cassettes, and stationery consumables (toner, cartridge, tape, etc.) they must be intact and unused.

22. Especially designed products with the customer's name are not entitled to return. When the buyer accepts the contract, he automatically accepts the items.

23. The PURCHASER agrees, declares, and undertakes that if he defaults in the case of payment by credit card, the cardholder will pay interest within the framework of the credit card agreement with the bank and be liable to the bank. In this case, the relevant bank may apply for legal remedies; The BUYER may request the costs and the counsel's fee from the BUYER and in any case, in case the BUYER goes into default due to the debt, the BUYER accepts that the SELLER will pay the loss and damage incurred due to the delayed performance of the debt.

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