Aliağa Scrapyard’s Trustworthy Company: Barış Denizcilik

Aliağa Scrapyard’s Trustworthy Company: Barış Denizcilik

This week's short interview Barış Kır is owned by Barış Denizcilik Ticaret. 

Could you please introduce yourself?

I am 29 years old, married and father of a child. 

Can you tell us about your products? 

I turn the original parts of the ship into accessories and sell them as objects. I offer my clients antiques, vintage products, industrial design furniture and accessories, and collectible maritime objects. 

Why did you choose this job?

 First of all, because I've loved this job since I was a kid. 

How many years have you been in this sector? 

He has been alone with my father since 1983 for 7 years. 

Why are your products different from other products? 

Original product and ship dismantling are only because it is in Turkey's Izmir Aliaga. For example, the products we sell include; reel lots, Soviet glazed lamps, industrial ship lamps, Soviet-made scaffold beacons, Soviet-made floodlights, dry compasses, Soviet-made sextants, aluminum portholes, ship telephones, mailboxes, machine telegrams, shipyard plaques, lifeboat fog whistles, colored glazed lanterns silicon lanterns, bells, and pedestals, brass lanterns, barometers, gimbal meters, kitchen service equipment, turbine lamps, brass compasses, compass cabinets, galvanized ship lanterns, ship rudders, porthole tables, brass helmets, and ship bells. 

You use your maritime themes in your products. What's the story? 

Considering that each product comes from a ship, each ship has a history. For example, we sold very important maritime industrial brands. These brands are Cassens & Plath, Francis Searchlight Royal Navy Signal Light, Viking, U.S Navy, Kevin Hughes, Henry Browne & Son Ltd. 

Did you do this business knowledge from the ancestor or did you learn by course? 

Business information from the ancestor. As I gain experience, I learn more about the ship and its materials. There are different materials on every ship, and as I have seen from my father, there is no end to learning in this business either. 

Who is your customer portfolio? 

Shipowners, captains, seafarers, and maritime business owners and natural hobbyists.